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June 7, 2024
  • Experience the Sacred Sound HU - Find the Strength and Wisdom to Meet Life

    June 7, 2024  7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Online Zoom Event

    Zoom Link:

    Zoom can also be accessed via phone (landline or mobile)
         Phone: 07 3185 3730 – when prompted
         Meeting ID: 852 5597 1864
         Passcode: 090966

    This is your invitation to an Eckankar Soul Adventure!

    Chanting HU can be used as part of your daily spiritual practice. It has the power to uplift you spiritually for inner peace, healing, and insight. 

    You are welcome to join us online to experience a HU chant as a spiritual exercise. Together with others of like mind and heart we will explore how connecting with the wisdom within you can help you live each day with more confidence and grace.

    This is how ordinary everyday people have found the HU helps: HU Video … Youth:

    For more information, call Sylvia on 0488 130 777

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June 9, 2024
  • Live Beyond the Limitations of Fear

    June 9, 2024  10:00 am - 11:15 am
    Online Zoom event – join by internet or telephone

    Zoom Link:

    Zoom can also be accessed via phone (landline or mobile)
    Phone: 07 3185 3730
    Meeting ID: 837 7478 1879 #
    Passcode: 029452 #

    Do you long to feel more carefree and to live the life of your dreams?

    The key lies within you. Learn to let go of limiting beliefs, anxiety and fear, to discover a sense of joy and freedom in your life.

    This free event is open to all spiritual adventurers. Experience the sacred sound HU in your own home and find proof for yourself of the love and wonder that awaits you as Soul.

    What is an ECK Light and Sound Service?

    In essence it is a celebration. All life comes from and is supported by Divine Spirit. This life force manifests in Light and Sound, and can be seen, heard and felt.
    We come together to learn more about this connection and how we can recognise Its presence in our everyday lives. You can attune yourself to this divine, creative, transformative love and experience the Light and Sound any time. It is here for everyone!

    The ECK Light and Sound Service is relaxed and interactive, designed to help you recognise the Creator’s love for you as Soul. This love is your very own divine birthright! 

    For more information, call Sylvia on 0488 130 777

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