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The HU CD presents the HU Song, A love song to God, and introduces some of the many ways it can be practiced as a spiritual exercise. Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, shares his spiritual wisdom about the HU, including a dream technique. Each exercise is to help you uplift your spiritual consciousness. It includes a twenty-minute recording of a group of people chanting HU. You can sing or chant HU along with this uplifting sound or simply listen.

To learn more about HU, The Sound of Soul, click here.

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Introductory Guidebook

In this Spiritual Experiences Guidebook…

In this great book, you will find keys to accelerate your spiritual quest in your pursuit of truth.

You will discover: the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, How to connect with the Divine, How to learn from Spiritual Masters; You’ll also have opportunities to look into Past Lives, to work with your Dreams and learn about Soul Travel and its benefits.

The personal insights you gain can enrich your daily life, help open your Spiritual Eye, and reveal the love of God in your own heart.

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Introductory Book

Ancient Wisdom for Today                    

After reading this book, you will emerge with a new perspective on the way you see life. The timeless wisdom of Eckankar can help you understand yourself as Soul, an infinite, spiritual being. Try the simple spiritual exercises to help you connect with the Light and Sound of God, for a richer, happier life.

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Spiritual Wisdom Journal              

Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, and others, share the wisdom and love of Divine Spirit, the ECK, through stories and provide invaluable spiritual insights, spiritual exercises, questions and answers and much more.

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The Eckankar Blog is an interactive forum for you to read and share inspiring and heart warming stories from people around the world. Contributors share the wonder of their spiritual experiences and their understanding and insights through the Eckankar teachings.

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